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    The name is enough for such a dynamic and versatile gentleman who was born on 13/09/1915, at Ratangarh, Rajasthan. The so called 'karta-dharta' of the Bhuwalka Empire, Mr. N.M. Bhuwalka, came to Kolkata with the purpose of creating a name in business and was successful in doing so by starting coal mines. His first priority has always been the family business. He laid the foundation for the tea business in the family. With his great business mind and vision, he was, is and will always be a mentor for the family.
    Mr. N.M. Bhuwalka was truly a principled man. Not only was he active in business, socially too he was recognized with great respect. He strongly believed in doing his very best for the society. An ardent philanthropist by nature, his deeds have been endless in this field as well.
    He left his indelible mark in various forums:

    • Committee member of Bharat Chamber of Commerce

    • Committee member of Ratangarh Nagrik Parishad

    • Committee member of Vishudhanand Marwari Hospital

    • Committee member of Shri Shikshayatan College

    • President of Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad

    • President and founder member of Gyan Bharti School

    • President and founder member of Vivekananda Mission Ashram, Haldia

    • President of Pinjrapole Society

    • The trust 'Bisseswarlal Mannalal Charitable Trust' was started by him.

    • Instrumental in starting a new eye hospital in Joka.


    Born in the year 30/09/1938, Mr. R.S. Bhuwalka was the backbone of the family business of tea. Business ran in his blood. With his dynamic attitude and driving force, he looked after few of the finest gardens viz. Aenakhall, RoseKandy and Engo. A perfectionist by nature, he left no stone unturned when it came to work.
    He solely believed in hard work, dedication and a focussed approach, keeping in mind the welfare of his employees and labourers. His philanthropic deeds have been countless. His sudden demise was a very tragic episode for the whole family. He left behind various tea estates to be looked after by his family members, Aenakhall being taken care by his son – Mr. Vivek Bhuwalka


    The sole root under the branch of Bhuwalka Corporation, Mr. Vivek Bhuwalka was born on 16th August 1961. After graduating from Lucknow University, he, under the guidance of his grandfather Mr. N.M.Bhuwalka, joined his family business at an early age of 20. In those days, Bhuwalka’s ran a host of tea gardens together in joint. Mr. Vivek Bhuwalka has over 30 years of experience solely in tea. Over the years, in order to fulfill his father’s dream, he gradually took interest in other fields as well viz. rubber plantations, real estate and lately in the I.T. Sector.
    With his outstanding hardwork and dedication along with a pure business ethic, Mr. Vivek Bhuwalka, single-handedly took Aenakhall to its current stature of excellence, quality and recognition.


    The elder son of Mr. Vivek Bhuwalka, Mr. Akshat Bhuwalka has had 7 years of utmost exposure in both education and business. He has done his schooling from Winchester College and his Undergraduate from London School of Economics with a B.Sc. Degree in Economics. He has also worked for 2 years with Citibank in London and Dubai as an investment banker. He simultaneously took keen interest in the family business as well. He also assists his father in expanding the rubber and real estate business.
    Mr. Akshat Bhuwalka's, young and dynamic mind, lies behind the success of the entire I.T Sector of the Bhuwalka Corporation-Softel Telecom. (www.softeltelecom.com)


    The younger son of Mr. Vivek Bhuwalka, Rishabh graduated from Cardiff University in 2010. He majored in B.Sc in International Management. In the years to follow he dedicated himself to the tea industry, learning from scratch, be it from pruning the bushes to selling tea. Expertise came to him with experience and knowledge; not only of tea and its evolvement, but also how to use the available land bank for other plantations viz. rubber and other medicinal plants. In short, he is well seasoned with the agrarian form of business. His continuous visits to the gardens have made him sturdier to withstand the hard work and dedication required to run a tea company.

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Commercial Activities

Taking cues from our strategy stating 'constant evolution of our brand', we have introduced tea packets for Aenakhall-"chai jo dillo pe chaa jaye", which will help us extend our product line and also open windows to new markets for long term sustainability. We are introducing tea packets of net weight of 250gms of the finest Assam tea .


The plantation was bought from Jardine Henderson back in the early years of 1960‘s. The plantation is spread over 2500 hectares in Assam (Cachar region) with over 1250 hectares plantable. It has a production capacity of 2 million kgs of quality tea which Assam is famous for. The tea plantation consists of clones and seed bushes which are of different varieties to suit the local conditions, such that it can produce good quality strong Assam cups. The bushes are uprooted and replanted to ensure optimum yield and quality. The garden plantation has a lot of man-made lakes which are vital for irrigation with an added advantage of being eye-catchy. Irrigation is a necessity as it is vital for the survival of the bushes. During the cold seasons; these might be over the ground or underground connected by kilometer long pipes. The water is pumped out from the engines run by either diesel or electricity. The tea manufactured can only be of good quality, if the tea leaves are of the best quality. The chemicals, fertilizers and manures are sourced from well renowned companies to make sure that the quality is in no way compromisc. This ensures that the tea plucked is of best quality, not harmful to the environment/bushes and safe for consumption. Native forests cover wide areas, helping in the process of preservation of the native identity of the trees along with its species. A wide variety of flowering shade trees are planted, which not only adds, to the scenic environment, but also give shade to the tea bushes. The factory is spread across a huge plot, equipped with the latest and technologically advanced machinery ensuring production of good quality tea in a very efficient streamlined process. The systems are designed to reduce man power, along with better monitoring.The factory has generators for backup in cases of disruption of power supply and the required equipment to deal with any eventuality. The area within the factory is kept cool and hygienic for the manufacturing process in adherence to the Food Security Act.

Real Estate

Real estate, till date, makes its position at number one when it comes to lucrative investment opportunities. This dimension is highly fruitful and has immense scope for capitalisation. We have also taken care of this and made our investments in both construction and plots of land, Bally High being one of the best projects. We also have land banks in North Kolkata and South Kolkata which we intend to further capitalise into big projects in due course.

Softel Telecom

In today’s fast gushing life, none can survive without internet.Internet is used by everyone, everyday in various sectors, ranging from corporate, educational and personal to entertainment usages. Exactly the reason we bring to you Softel - which brings the joy of Unlimited internet to all the Kolkata residents. It is charged by i-On® which brings superfast internet at the speed of light for both commercial and home purposes making lives easier, economical and fast. For more details please visit: www.softeltelecom.com


Our strategy focuses on diversification of products and services, product innovations, building new brand while evolving the existing ones and last but not the least to increase the efficiency in all operations. Our strategy revolves around 6 keys issues mentioned below.


We believe in ceaseless evolution and expansion of our brand portfolio; be it Aenakhall tea, Luckynagar tea, Lucky nagar plantations or Softel Telecom.

Products and Services

We believe in constantly challenging the players ranging in various fields, in their respective markets, while continuously coming up with exceptional, superior and improved substitutes.


We aim at growth and diversification with accordance to the evolving markets which will help ensure long term success through ethical practices. Considerations will also be given to climate change as that will be a key factor which determines the success of business and market


We are diversifying and moving into new markets and fields to constantly grow.


We reckon on policies and practices, which contemplate every employee as family. We make sure the views, grievances or suggestions are acknowledged on time.



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